This section contains best practices guidance for making sure your website is as well-organized, accessible and understandable as possible.

For an introduction to Cascade and assistance with general system tasks such as publishing, reordering and deleting assets, see About Cascade.

For detailed, specific how-tos related to the various content types used within, see Update my site.

Naming conventions

Understand different types of asset names and the proper conventions for using them.

Accessible PDFs

How to make PDFs accessible to people with disabilities

Crafting the intro text for your landing page

Guidelines for creating/editing the single-sentence summary and intro paragraph for your department's landing page.

File/document management

How to handle documents (e.g., forms, reports) that are updated or produced regularly.

Structuring content pages

Tips for managing large amounts of content for maximum readability and accessibility.

Writing for the web

Tips for making your site useful, usable and readable.

Making your website accessible

UC strives to provide a web environment that is accessible to everyone, including individuals with disabilities. See the UCOP IT Accessibility Program page for tools, standards and guidelines.

Highlighting events or initiatives

Considerations and tips for promoting an event, publication or initiative on

UC brand guidelines Link

These guidelines provide a shared visual vocabulary to ensure that every communication expresses UC's shared values.