Crafting the intro text for your landing page

intro block parts

1) Intro block single-sentence summary

The single-sentence summary in the left-hand column of the intro block will be used on your department landing page and on the central Organization page.

The single-sentence summary is not a mission statement, even if your mission statement is also one sentence long. Mission statements can be a wide range of things, but many are internally-focused statements about the how or why of your department; the single-sentence summary on your homepage should be a much more direct, externally-readable what statement.

Think about this sentence in context — on the page, it will sit next to the longer paragraph intro and the leadership block, under the department name and tabs, and above the link lists. These elements can work together to communicate everything your department/unit does — this summary doesn't have to stand alone.

The maximum length for the single-sentence summary is 230 characters.


  • Use the first-person plural (“We”), for clarity, concision and consistency.
  • Use an active verb. If your department helps, supports, manages or regulates — say so!
  • Use a complete sentence.
  • Be direct and concise
  • Be as specific as possible

For program landing pages, the first-person plural structure may not be appropriate. Instead, use this space to provide a very concise summary of what the program is or does.

2) Intro block paragraph

The intro paragraph will be used on your department landing page and on the central Organization page. It should provide a basic overview of the department’s functions and responsibilities (though it need not — and should not — contain an exhaustive list of all department activities).

The maximum length for the intro paragraph is 630 characters (if 1 column) or 1100 characters (if 2 columns).


  • Start with the full name of the department, then use first-person plural (or acronym) on subsequent mentions.
  • If your department is known by its acronym, include the acronym in parenthesis after the full department name.
  • With the exception of bolding, do not alter the font size or appearance in this section.