Cascade training

If you've never attended a training and would like to get trained to manage your departmental website, here's what to do:

  • Have your department's site liaison (or the head of your department) contact us at requesting access and training. This lets us know you've communicated with your department's site owner, and that they're aware you'll be getting access.
  • Enroll in and attend the Cascade fundamentals course through the UC Learning Center. This course, which walks through the basics of the Cascade content management system, is required before you can edit your department site. Here's some of what we cover:
    • What is Cascade CMS?
    • Navigating within Cascade
    • Page types
    • Key tasks
    • Publishing process

    To view upcoming course offerings and register, go to the UC Learning Center and log in with your AD/network credentials. Once logged in, do a search for "Cascade" in the upper left search box.

If you've attended an introductory training, but need a refresher, look around this site. You'll find Cascade basics, step-by-step instructions for updating your site and guidance on best practices. For topics that weren't covered in the course, or for department-specific guidance, contact us to schedule a coaching session.