File/document management

How to manage files that are regularly updated or produced

Many UCOP departments manage documents — such as forms and contact lists — that need to be regularly refreshed or updated. The purpose and name of the file remains the same, but the content within the file changes.

To update assets like this on your website, it is vastly preferable to overwrite the existing file in Cascade, rather than deleting the file and uploading a new version.

This way, any links or references to the file automatically point to the updated version — and you avoid having two versions of the same document on your website.

View steps for replacing an existing file.

Document archives

In other cases, you may need to upload a new version or edition of a document but retain online access to old version(s), too. Some examples of this may include an annual report, or a quarterly newsletter.

The best way to handle these situations is usually with a category/list page, e.g.:

Here's the recommended setup: