Staff blocks

Applicable to: category/list pages, content pages, landing pages | Skill level: easy

Goal: Create a new staff block for use on a category page, content page, and/or in the leadership block of a landing page.

Staff blocks are used to display the name, title and/or contact information of an individual. They're used most often in the Staff tab of your website, on the staff category/list page. They can also be used in the right-side column of content pages or in the leadership block of landing pages. (To display the contact information of a department, unit or program, use a contact block).

Staff blocks are highly structured, and the information stored in them is displayed differently when used in different places on your website.

  • Images can be added to staff blocks, but the only place an image will display is in the leadership section of landing pages. 
  • In addition to the image, the only other info that displays in the leadership section is the Name and Title.
  • Mailing address information will only display in the right-side column of content pages (not on your staff category/list page).

Unlike other kinds of blocks (link lists, flex blocks and contact blocks), staff blocks live in the Staff folder.

Steps for creating a new staff block

  1. Navigate to the staff folder in your Cascade asset tree. Click the Add Content button in the upper left of your screen. Click Blocks and then select Staff block.

    add staff block

  2. Confirm that the Placement Folder is the staff folder (or a subfolder within the staff folder).

    create staff block

  3. Complete the appropriate fields.

    Note that when staff blocks are added to a category/list page, only the Name, Title, Phone and Email information will display. When staff blocks are added to the right-side block of a content page, all information stored in the block (including mailing address) will display.

  4. Save & Preview.

  5. Click Submit, then add comments and Submit or click Check Content & Submit to perform Spelling and Accessibility checks.