Contact blocks

Applicable to: landing pages, content pages | Skill level: easy

Goal: Create a new contact block for use on a landing page and/or content page.

Contact blocks are used to provide contact information for a department, unit, organization or program. (To display contact information for an individual, use a staff block).

Contact blocks are highly structured and can be used either in the flex row of landing pages or in the right-side column of content pages. Contact blocks live in the _blocks folder within the Base Folder. Most sites have only one contact block.

Steps for creating a new contact block

  1. Navigate to the _blocks folder in your Cascade asset tree. Click on the New dropdown menu in the upper left of your screen. Highlight Blocks and then select Contact.

  2. Add a contact Block

  3. Make sure the Parent Folder is _blocks.

  4. Enter the information in the appropriate fields. Be sure to give your block a title, e.g. "Contact us."

    Click on the help icons (help icon) for guidance related to specific fields.

    create contact block

  5. Submit the page to save your changes.

  6. Respond to the spell check and link check, if needed (hit "Submit" for both to save your changes).