Contact blocks

Applicable to: landing pages, content pages | Skill level: easy

Goal: Create a new contact block for use on a landing page and/or content page.

Contact blocks are used to provide contact information for a department, unit, organization or program. (To display contact information for an individual, use a staff block).

Contact blocks are highly structured and can be used either in the flex row of landing pages or in the right-side column of content pages. Contact blocks live in the _blocks folder within the Base Folder. Most sites have only one contact block.

Steps for creating a new contact block

  1. Navigate to the _blocks folder in your Cascade asset tree. Click Add Content, then Blocks. Then select Contact.

select Add Contentselect blocksselect contact

  1. Make sure the Placement Folder is _blocks.

  2. Enter the information in the appropriate fields. Be sure to give your block a title, e.g. "Contact us."

    create contact block

  3. Save & Preview.

  4. Then click Submit or Check Content and Submit to perform spelling and accessibility checks.