Deleting assets

Applicable to: all assets | Skill level: intermediate

Goal: Remove unneeded assets.

PLEASE NOTE: You should not delete files [file icon], pages [page icon] or folders [folder icon].
Please contact the help team at to perform these actions for you.

You most likely do not have the ability to un-publish from the production server. So, deleting an asset, even though you un-publish from QA, will leave it on the production server with no way to then un-publish it, leading to multiple, possibly erroneous versions of the asset being online. Though you might not see the asset on your website, it will still be findable by a search engine or anyone who has bookmarked the old URL.

Assets you can delete

  • blocks [block icon]
    (but check Relationships to make sure the block isn't being used on other pages)
  • references [reference icon]

Assets you CANNOT delete

  •  pages [page icon
  •  files [file icon]
  • folders [folder icon]

One exception: if you have not published the asset, you can safely delete it. If the asset has already been published, contact to request that it be deleted.

If you need to delete a page, file or folder, contact to request that it be deleted.

If you need to delete, a block or reference:


  1. Navigate to the asset you would like to delete.

  2. Click on "... More", then click "Delete".

     delete an asset

  3. Click "Delete" again on the confirmation screen to confirm confirm the deletion.  

    If the asset you are deleting is linked from another page, you will see a warning that "... asset(s) are still using this asset. Deleting it may cause broken links". Click on on "More Details" will show the name of the page(s) linking to this asset.  To avoid having broken links, please review and modify the page(s) to remove the association to the asset you are deleting.

    Screenshot to confirm deleting