Edit a category item block or staff block

Applicable to: all category pages, blocks | Skill level: easy

Goal: Edit existing category item or staff blocks displaying on a category/list page.

Category item blocks and staff blocks are displayed on category/list pages, but live as separate entities within Cascade (displayed in the asset tree as block icon ).

blocks in staff folder

To change the content of a category item or staff block, you first have to figure out which one it is. If the blocks are descriptively named (as in the case above), this shouldn't be too difficult.

If you can't determine which block you need to edit by looking at their names in the asset tree, you can use display order to figure it out.

  • Follow the first two steps in Reordering assets to determine the display order of the blocks in your folder.
  • Compare this with the preview of your index page, determining the order as follows:
    block order
  • So, if you need to edit Matthew Golden's content, you would edit the block that displays second (#2 under "Order" in your folder).


  1. Navigate to the block you need to update in Cascade and select Edit.

  2. Make your needed edits. Select Save & Preview.

  3. Click Submit then Submit or Check Content & Submit to perform spelling and accessibility checks.
  4. Navigate back to your category page in Cascade ("index"). Your edited block(s) should now appear.