The UCOP website is made up of two separate operational areas: the working area where you create, edit and review your content, and the published area where the public can access your live website. The published area is on an independent server, and static web pages and files are copied to it when they are published.

PLEASE NOTE: Most UCOP content editors do not have permission to publish or unpublish to or from the live website. Please contact the help team at and ask them to perform these actions for you.

Understanding publishing

Overview of the publishing process and how assets are stored.

Publishing: steps

Applicable to: All assets

Publish an asset you created or updated in Cascade to a web server, where it can be viewed online.

Un-publishing: steps

Applicable to: All assets

Remove assets from a web server. This does not affect their status within Cascade.

Setting assets not to publish

Applicable to: All assets

Set files, folders or pages not to publish while you are in the process of updating them.