Cascade CMS 8 is here!

The new version of cascade CMS introduces a completely redesigned and reorganized interface, updated search, upgraded WYSIWYG editor, and improving the overall user experience.

Drag and Drop

Drag and Drop files directly into the Cascade interface.

Customizable Dashboard

Customize Dashboard widgets to reflect data from one or more of your sites.

Draft Improvements

Drafts are simpler subtler and more seamless.


What links to this asset?

Smart Version Comments

Version comments just got a lot smarter.

Broken Link Report for the entire site.

Fix broken links before they ever go live.

My Content

Quickly access the content you're responsible for.

WYSIWYG improvements

New WYSIWYG with the Advanced Code Editor.

User Interface Improvements

Modern look and feel with emphasis on core end-user operations.

Improved Mobile Experience

Improvements to allow users to better interact with Cascade using phones and tablets.

Autocomplete Site Drop-Down

Quickly switching to another Site with a couple of keystrokes.