Setting assets not to publish

Applicable to: All assets

Goal: Exclude assets from being published to the live site.

Occasionally, the need arises to re-publish your whole departmental site, or even to publish the entire site (when updates are made to the site-wide templates, for example).

There may be assets you wish to exclude from such a site-wide publish because they are not finalized/ready to go live.

If you exclude an asset from publishing, whatever version is currently on the live site will remain there.


  1. Navigate within Cascade to the asset you would like to exclude from publishing.

  2. Click Edit.

  3. For files and pages, select the "Configure" tab. (For folders*, select the "Properties" tab.)

    Edit menu system selection

  4. At the top of the page, un-check the box for Include when publishing.

    Exclude from publishing

  5. Save & Preview.

  6. In order for this asset to be published in the future, you will need to come back to this setting and re-check the box for Include when publishing.

*NOTE: If you are working on a new folder (for example, a new category or subcategory) that is not yet ready to publish, you will also want to exclude it from indexing so that it does not appear in your website's navigation. To do this, you'll need to un-check the Include when indexing box as well.