Building management

Building management makes sure that the lights are on, the elevators work, the air conditioning and heat are working and that the buildings are always kept clean. Energy, security, custodial, HVAC, UCOP parking lots and special construction projects are our specialty. Our responsibilities include:

  • Building maintenance & operations
  • Security & safety management
  • Construction project management
  • Custodial services

BASC recharges departments for certain services.  Please refer to the Billable Services document for more details.


Lobby:  Two security guards minimum 24/7, Monday through Friday, and one security guard 24/7 on the weekends.

UCOP Garage:  The garage is under camera surveillance 24/7 with occasional guard service.

For emergencies, there are Panic Buttons clearly identified on each floor if you need help.

Janitorial Services

Daily Activities:  Empty all wastebaskets  and  place in dumpsters (keeping recycling, compost, and regular  garbage requirements  in mind); clean tables and desktops; vacuum  all carpeted areas, spot clean carpet and upholstered furniture. 

Weekly Activities:  Dust/clean all low areas; spot clean finger prints, white boards, and built-in shelving; and wet mop hard floor surfaces.

Weekly Walkthrough Inspection

Weekly walkthrough inspection by BASC personnel takes place once a week per floor on a rotating basis.  However, if there are any concerns that need to be addressed prior to the walkthrough, please contact Work Management Center at (510) 987-0600 to resolve the issue.