In the event of an emergency, check your email and voicemail for emergency instructions and information. Follow any directions given over the building PA system or by your Floor Wardens.


UCOPAlert is an emergency notification system that allows UCOP employees to receive informational alerts on their personal phones or by personal email outside normal business hours.


UCOPSafe-T is a free app you can download on your smartphone. UCOPSafe-T provides information to help you prepare for emergencies, has a hazard reporting feature and provides information and instructions during an emergency.

Seismic hazard mitigation

Tips for maintaining a seismically safe work area.

Earthquake Secure Your Space Checklist

Checklist to evaluate whether a workspace is seismically safe.

UCOP Emergency Information Line: (866) 272-9009

In the event of email or voicemail system failure, call this backup toll-free out-of-area number for recorded messages and instructions related to UCOP emergencies or closures. In the event of a major emergency, tune into KCBS (740 AM), KGO (810 AM), or KNBR (680 AM) for updated Bay Area emergency information. The UCOP website may also be used to provide emergency information to UCOP staff.