The iRequest is an online-hosted Facility Management System that enables the University of California Office of the President BASC team to receive online requests from employees, and then solicit bids from, and/or dispatch work orders & preventive maintenance tasks to preferred building maintenance contractors, suppliers & onsite staff.

Available to:

  • Department authorized personnel.
  • Management authorized to approve work orders for service and recharges.
  • Individual contractors who service work order request.


Users may access iRequest here.

By providing a valid user name and password, users can request services which include facilities space planning, office layouts, workstation adjustments and reconfigurations, project management for tenant improvements, lease administration, management of service contracts, furniture procurement, moving coordination, security, emergency services, access card and key control, reception desks, storage, parking and public transit administration. Each department has designated users. Please check with your Supervisor to find out who your designated iRequest users are within your department.

Technical details

Landport is an Internet Driven® work order management system that is completely online and requires no client-side software, applets or plug-ins. All that's required is a computer with Internet access to use the system. All future system upgrades are automatic and won't require any software to be downloaded and installed. Landport utilizes an SQL database to warehouse all work order related data. To ensure high-availability and data integrity, the application server is configured with RAID (redundant array of independent disks) technology and housed at a state-of-the-art co-location facility in Northern California.