BASC administers systems that enable employees to book rooms, submit service and office space requests, grant visitor access, sign up for commuter tax benefits, and more.

None UC Parking & Commuter Benefits

Web-based commuter benefits program for qualified UCOP employees nationwide to pay for public transportation and parking expenses via payroll deduction on a pre-tax basis.


Web-based Building Management System to request services for the Franklin-Broadway campus.

Visitor Management System

Web-based visitor access system for the Franklin-Broadway campus.

FacilitiesLink (Space Management System)

Web-based system available to collect, edit and disseminate building and room information to manage UCOP space.

Event Management System (EMS)

Use the Event Management System (EMS) to reserve rooms. It supports multi-room reservations, ordering equipment for a meeting, advanced room searching, and more. Available as a Microsoft Outlook plug-in and a stand-alone web application.