None UC Parking & Commuter Benefits

UCOP employees can take advantage of pre-tax benefits for transportation and parking expenses in non UCOP-managed parking lots. This process is managed by Edenred USA, a commuter benefit management company, through their Commuter Check (CCD) website.  Parking deductions are a self-managed process and is up to employees to keep deductions and benefit selections current.

Pre-tax benefits for UCOP-managed parking lots are handled through Work Management Center and not through the CCD program.

How It Works

Employees can set up orders to transfer money to a variety of vendors including BART, Clipper cards etc. Once an order is set up, money will be automatically deducted from your paycheck.

Place a new order

Place a new order (or change/cancel current orders) on the CCD site to be fulfilled on a monthly basis by the cutoff date, which is the 1st of the month for next month's transit and/or parking expenses.

Typical orders include:

  • Monthly Direct Pay: On your behalf, CCD sends parking payment fees directly to your parking provider before the month of use.
  • Clipper E-Cash: CCD loads the amount you order onto your Clipper card before the month of use and the funds can be used for any transit agencies that accept the Clipper card.
  • Clipper's BART High-Value Tickets: CCD loads the value of the BART tickets to your Clipper card before the month of use and the funds can only be used for BART fare.
  • Commuter Check Prepaid MasterCard: CCD loads the amount of your order before the month of use and the funds can be used for any parking and transit agencies that accept the MasterCard. NOTE: You must place a separate MasterCard order for parking and transit because parking and transit funds are not interchangeable.
  • Commuter Check Voucher: CCD sends the vouchers to the address you specify in your order and you redeem them to pay for your qualified parking or transit expenses. NOTE: No cash will be given back so you must order a voucher in the exact amount.

Payroll deduction

Transactions are made available electronically by CCD for the UCPath Center to process for the upcoming B1 & B2 payrolls for bi-weekly employees and MO payroll for monthly employees. NOTE:  If B1 payroll was processed before the 3rd of the month, adjustment will be made to B2 to correctly reflect the total amount for the month.

CCD Monthly Schedule for Order Processing and Fulfillment

Orders must be entered one month in advance and received by the 1st of the month to be processed for the following month.

Orders will be processed between the 18th and 23rd of each month and you or your parking provider will receive the payment between the 21st and 25th of each month.

Vouchers may take longer to deliver.