Parking at UC-managed lots

The following parking lots and locations are available to UC employees and affiliates. Employees may be able to pay their parking expenses using pre-tax dollars.  Learn more about the pre-tax commuter benefits program here.

NOTE:  Kaiser Center garage is being managed by Impark.  For information about Kaiser parking discounts, please visit BASC website here.

  • Franklin Building
    1111 Franklin Street, Oakland, CA 94607
    Rate: $128 per month
    Electric-Vehicle Charging: Additional $10 per month
    Contact:  UCOP Parking & Transportation

Toll Arm Instructions:  Click your remote, wait for the toll arm to go up, then drive through.  DO NOT GO THROUGH THE TOLL GATE IF THE ARM HAS NOT GONE BACK DOWN FROM A PREVIOUS REMOTE COMMAND.

PLEASE NOTE:  Parking participants are restricted to parking one vehicle at a time per day. Participants are also restricted from parking a car where motorcycle authority has been provided. Violation of the mentioned restrictions may result in the revoking of a participant’s parking access. Additional fees may apply at the time of revocation to cover variances discovered as a result of the violations mentioned.

  • Frank Mar Garage
    1200 Harrison Street, Oakland, CA  94607
    Rate: $102 per month
    Contact:  UCOP Parking & Transportation
  • 415-20th Street Building
    415-20th Street, Oakland, CA  94612
    Rate: $105 per month
    Contact:  UCOP Parking & Transportation
  • UC Berkeley
    Berkeley, CA  94706
    Rate:  $98 per month for F Permit or $137 for C Permit
    Contact: Judy Fivecoat, (510) 643-1914, or
  • UCDC
    1608 Rhode Island Ave, NW, Washington DC 20036
    Rate: $150 per month
    Contact:  Mac Hamlett, (202) 974-6365,
  • UCPath Center (also known as UCOP Riverside IntelliCenter)
    14350 Meridian Pkwy, Riverside,CA  92518
    Rate: $10 per month for eligible employees with payroll deduction and $120 per year for those without payroll deduction
    Contact:  Darryl Brown, (951) 787-5021,