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Gartner CEB Memberships

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Gartner CEB is the world’s leading member-based advisory service, providing research, tools, resources and best practice guidance in a variety of disciplines to leaders in a variety of industries. UC has a systemwide membership with CEB which allows all UC employees to access their suite of resources on an unlimited basis.

Two of the resource areas we have access to are the Corporate Leadership Council and the Managers Resource Portal.

Corporate Leadership Council (CLC)

The Gartner Corporate Leadership Council equips senior leadership and their teams with insight and actionable solutions to transform talent management and HR operations. Check out this site for information on Employee Engagement, Performance Management and Talent Management. Just click the link and log in with your UC email address.
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Manager Resource Portal (MER)

Click the link and log in with your UC email address to find information about Manager Self Development, Employee Engagement, Change Management, Performance Management and a host of other topics.
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UC People Management Series and Certificate

The People Management Series and Certificate is a systemwide program for all people managers and aspiring managers. It consists of select Core and Elective courses, including local and systemwide programs and eCourses, as well as in-person learning experiences, with topics ranging from Performance Management, to Managing People, Operations, Change Management and Communications. Log in to your local UC Learning Center to find available courses.
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Learn more about the People Management Series and Certificate