Leading Toward Equity

The Leading Toward Equity series features unscripted conversations with UCOP leaders on equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI), and our efforts toward becoming an anti-racist organization.

The series has a central premise: Becoming an anti-racist organization is a journey that will take time and continual effort. There is not a single group or office within UCOP that is solely responsible for that journey or advancing a culture of EDI at UCOP.

Hosted by the EDI department and Internal Communications, the conversations provide insightful, poignant and candid insights into the experiences and lives of our senior leaders. This is a unique opportunity for staff to hear from UCOP leaders, while reflecting on their own experiences of discrimination, bias and privilege based on race, economic class or other dimensions. UCOP staff and leaders are encouraged to attend with the mindset of engaging with colleagues to think through how we can commit to shared accountability and move toward becoming an anti-racist organization.

2023 Leading Toward Equity sessions

If you missed any of these conversations, it’s not too late to experience their impact. Use the links below to explore.

Jenny Kao, Nathan Brostrom and Epiphanie Gillette

Dec. 11, 2023: December recording | December summary
— Jenny Kao, chief of staff to President Drake, President’s Executive Office
— Nathan Brostrom, executive vice president and chief financial officer for the University of California
— Epiphanie Gillette, executive advisor, UC Legal (moderator)


Charlie Robinson. Marie-Ann Hairston and Günther Waibel

Sept. 15, 2023: September recording | September summary
— Charlie Robinson, general counsel and senior vice president, Legal Affairs
— Marie Hairston, associate vice president of Systemwide HR Strategy and Staff EDIB
— Günter Waibel, associate vice provost and executive director at the California Digital Library (moderator)


Rachael Nava, Paul Williams and Shirley Bittlingmeier

May 10, 2023: May recording | May summary
— Rachael Nava, executive vice president and chief operating officer
— Paul Williams, associate vice president and chief procurement officer
— Shirley Bittlingmeier, executive director, IT Client Services, Information Technology Services (moderator)


Van Williams, Pamela Brown and Andenet Emiru

Feb. 15, 2023: February recording | February summary
— Van Williams, vice president, Information Technology Services, and chief information officer, UC
— Pamela Brown, vice president, Institutional Research and Academic Planning
— Andenet Emiru, director of external partnerships and projects at the Center for Data-driven Insights and Innovation (moderator)