UCOPAlert Link

UCOPAlert is an emergency notification system that allows UCOP employees to receive informational alerts on their personal phones or by personal email outside normal business hours.

Emergency Procedures for Earthquake, Fire, Medical Emergency, Workplace Violence, etc. Link

Provides general emergency procedures as well as specific procedures for each UCOP building.

Personal Emergency Preparedness Link


If you have a security question or want to report a security issue, call the security desk in the Franklin Lobby at (510) 987-9790. At Kaiser, call (510) 271-6131. At Broadway or OSF (415-20th St), call Chief Building Manager Roman Starno at (510) 587-6100 or Work Management Center at (510) 987-0600.

Security escort

(510) 987-9790

Employees needing an escort to or from the Franklin building between 6:30 am and 8:30 pm should call the UCOP security desk 30 minutes before exiting the building.

Security ambassadors Link

Security Ambassadors in orange vests serve as additional 'eyes and ears' of the Oakland Police Department, while serving as a visible deterrent.