Event Services

The Event Services Group offers consulting, planning, execution and evaluation services for in-person and virtual meetings

Pre-Event Management

The Event Services Group (ESG) provides project management, planning and preparation for UCOP client events. ESG’s expertise and industry relationships enable you to focus on event content and critical factors while ESG effectively manages the logistics. Pre-event management services include:

  • Plan and manage project timelines, specifications, and alignment meetings with vendors and other stakeholders
  • Conduct vendor/venue research in alignment with program requirements and goals, event expectations, and budget to identify vendors/venues with relevant offerings (e.g., Zoom vs. webinar, virtual platform, conference centers, hotels, etc.)
  • Assist in vendor selection by providing preferred vendors list, vendor qualifications, site inspections and vendor/venue pricing comparisons
  • Manage event budgets, contract negotiations, deposits and attrition agreements
  • Support online registration and event collateral delivery (e.g., “participant takeaways”) (in partnership with UCOP External Relations and Communications)
  • Provide food and beverage management (within UC meal guidelines), transportation coordination and off-site coordination

Event Execution

On the day of your event, ESG will work closely with you and your vendor partners to ensure an enjoyable and effective experience for all. On-site travel services are offered at the expense of the department. If opted for, we will be the first to arrive at your meeting venue and the last to leave. Services for day of event support include:

  • Act as a liaison between you and the venue and/or any outside vendors (e.g., AV, catering, etc.) to ensure your expectations are met
  • Manage and coordinate on-site registration, logistics, shipments and distribution
  • Attend to last-minute challenges and issues as they arise, reducing stress and allowing you to focus on engaging your guests throughout the event
  • Ensure all stakeholders adhere to the agreed upon “Run of Show” timeline

Event Evaluation

ESG can help you understand the impact and effectiveness of your event . We can organize a post-event plan that will deliver insights from your attendees, lessons learned and a full accounting of all financials. Post-event evaluation and consulting services include: 

  • Reconcile the budget vs. actual expenses, resolve vendor issues and prepare a packet of all electronic records for submission to the Business Resource Center (BRC)
  • Conduct a post-event debriefing with your department