With a strong commitment to sustainability, UCOP supports campuses and students through systemwide programs that strengthen their sustainability efforts. In addition to helping campuses reach their aggressive sustainability goals, UCOP is also dedicated to reducing the environmental footprint of its own operations.

UCOP Water Action Plan

PDF of the Executive Summary of the UCOP Water Action Plan, last updated in June 2019. Note you can report waste and water leaks to the Building and Administrative Service Center (BASC) via email: building.services@ucop.edu

UCOP Climate Action Plan

This slide deck showing UCOP's plans to achieve carbon neutrality by 2025.

Sustainability Report for UCOP

Learn about UCOP's own progress and efforts towards achieving the systemwide sustainability goals from this section of the Annual Report on Sustainable Practices.

Navigating UCOP - Transportation

Quick reference guide to transportation resources at UCOP, including many programs to support clean commute alternatives.

UCOP Events Calendar

Stay up-to-date on all UCOP events, including those with the Sustainability theme, by checking the Link calendar.

Incentives and Programs for UCOP Employees

Visit our Staff Engagement page to check out current electronic vehicle incentives for employees, and learn about our LED bulb discounts and commuter benefits program.

Zero Waste Events Guide

A how-to document for planning a zero waste event.

Facility Energy Use Data

UCOP aims to responsibly manage it’s energy and resource consumption at all facilities and transparently shares its’ usage information.

UCOP Building Waste Reduction Program

Waste reduction efforts including recycling, compost collection and battery recycling at the Franklin-Broadway campus.