Chapter 14-700: Funds Restricted to U.S. Citizens

Except in cases where discrimination on the basis of citizenship is specifically mandated by law (e.g. select agents) and/or allowed by University policy, the acceptance of provisions in sponsored projects which require discrimination in employment, including discrimination based on citizenship is prohibited.

The Council of Chancellors adopted the following position at their June 29, 1988 meeting:

"It will continue to be University policy that discrimination in employment based on citizenship is unacceptable. Only in selected cases where there are compelling circumstances in support of legitimate public interests bearing on individual job requirements is an exception acceptable. The Chancellor may recommend such an exception to the President for his approval."

Notwithstanding the above statement in support of nondiscrimination, the University also recognizes that there is a compelling public interest in the development of a U.S. workforce. Thus, consistent with the Council's statement and current University practice, restriction of fellowship and training support for graduate and undergraduate students and early career researchers to U.S. citizens is acceptable.