Chapter 14-100: Introduction

As a recipient of federal and State funds, the University is required to comply with federal and State laws and regulations which govern affirmative action, nondiscrimination, and equal employment opportunity in hiring and employment, as well as nondiscrimination laws which apply to students and to other participants in University federally-funded programs. Since many of these laws are specifically referenced in federal and State agencies' proposal and award instruments, Contract and Grant Officers must be knowledgeable about which of these requirements are applicable to the University and to subagreements. The purpose of this Chapter is to outline those laws which are applicable to the University and its subawardees through sponsored projects and how the University complies with their requirements.

14-110 SCOPE

The laws which are described in this Chapter are specifically those affirmative action, equal employment opportunity, and nondiscrimination laws and their implementing regulations which are referenced in federal or State proposal or award documents for sponsored projects. In addition, flowdown requirements for affirmative action and nondiscrimination provisions are also discussed. The socioeconomic requirements for purchasing or subcontracting such as those relating to conducting business with women, minority, and disabled veterans' owned businesses are described in Chapter 16, Purchasing, of this Manual and Business and Finance Bulletin BUS-43, Materiel Management. In addition, effective July 25, 1996, the University issued University of California Interim Administrative Guidelines to Ensure Equal Opportunity in University Business Contracting.

Information on access to the University's personnel records is in Manual Chapter 17, Records/Paperwork Access and Management, and Business and Finance Bulletin RMP Series of Records Management.