Chapter 1-700: Compensation for Services and Consulting

University policies on compensated and uncompensated outside professional and non-professional activities as well as additional compensation for consultant services on projects conducted under the auspices of the University are set forth in various sections of the Academic Personnel Manual. APM-025, Conflict of Commitment and Outside Activities of Faculty Members, provides policy on both compensated and uncompensated outside professional and non-professional activities as well as specific guidelines designed to address potential conflicts of commitment arising from such outside activities.

The policy and guidance provided in APM 025 provide the implementation for The Regents’ Standing Order 103.1(b):

No one in the service of the University shall devote to private purposes any portion of time due to the University nor shall any outside employment interfere with the performance of University duties. Arrangements for private employment by Officers, faculty members, or other employees of the University shall be subject to such regulations as the President may establish.

APM 025-50, Guidance for Involving Students in the Outside Professional Activities of Faculty, provides the guidelines under which a faculty member may involve students in outside professional activities. Appendix B provides the prior approval form for Compensated Outside Professional Activities (Category I) or for Involving Students in Outside Professional Activities. Appendix C provides the form for reporting Category I and II Compensated Outside Professional Activities and Additional Teaching Activities for the Fiscal Year.

APM 660 through 670 provide additional policies and guidance on specific additional compensation situations. APM-660, Additional Compensation/General, sets forth the University’s general policy and limitations on additional compensation. APM-661, Additional Compensation/Summer Session Teaching, APM-662, Additional Compensation/Additional Teaching, and APM-663, Additional Compensation/University Extension Correspondence Courses, provide information on additional compensation for additional teaching.

APM-664, Additional Compensation/Services as Faculty Consultant, describes the circumstances under which a faculty member may receive additional compensation for consulting on a University project or an extramural funded project. APM 665-Additional Compensation/Reading Manuscripts discusses additional payments for reading or judging manuscripts for University Press. APM 666-Additional Compensation/Lectures and Similar Services describes additional compensation for lectures, seminars or creative performances.

APM 670, Health Sciences Compensation Plan and Guidelines on Occasional Outside Activities by Health Sciences Compensation Plan Participants, sets for the University’s uniform Health Sciences Compensation Plan which governs compensation arrangements and accounts for compensation plan income to the University’s Schools of Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing, Pharmacy, and other health sciences units.