Industry partnership & sponsorship

UC has a long history of cooperation with industry in support of research that enhances the University's missions of teaching, research, and public service. Industry support contributes to the education of scientists, engineers, and students. It also helps develop technologies that can be put to practical use by society, an important goal of the cooperative UC-industry relationship.

University-industry relations have many forms, some of which include:

  • Direct funding of research costs through contracts and grants.
  • Gifts and endowments (including endowed chairs) designated for colleges, schools, departments, or individuals.
  • University-industry exchange programs and student internships.
  • Specialized programs designed by UC for continuing education and training of professionals, primarily through University Extension.
  • Participation of industry representatives on campus and systemwide advisory groups.
  • Cooperative research projects, some of which include government participation, and the use of specialized facilities.
  • Use of unique University facilities on a fee-for-service basis.
  • Activities of UC’s Cooperative Extension and research at the Agricultural Experiment Station.

UC retains all patent rights from sponsored research, and any invention or patentable idea conceived or reduced to practice in the course of the research belongs to the University. UC will grant to the sponsor a time-limited first right to negotiate an exclusive or nonexclusive license, based upon the level of sponsor support.

Each campus and the Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources (ANR) maintain their own offices for contract and grant administration. While initial discussions between industrial sponsors and UC faculty or senior research staff occur in many ways, no program or project can be established or undertaken unless a carefully defined research proposal, including a budget, has been submitted through UC internal review procedures and an acceptable funding agreement has been negotiated and signed by the authorized representatives of both parties. Contact the campus or ANR office responsible for contract and grant administration for further information about developing a research agreement between UC and industry.