UC's public service mission includes making its research results available for public use and benefit. This "technology transfer" is accomplished in many ways — through educating students, publishing research results and ensuring that inventions are developed into useful products in the commercial marketplace.

UC maintains a technology patenting and licensing program. The program's main objectives are: 1) to spread technology resulting from UC research through the patent system; 2) to license UC technology to companies to promote its practical application for public use; 3) to generate income to support further UC research and education; and 4) to meet patent-related obligations to research sponsors.

Most inventions require extensive development before tangible results are publicly available. Product development takes considerable resources, and patent protection helps the patent holder recoup its investment in the marketplace. UC does not have the resources to develop products. By pursuing patent protection, UC can offer companies exclusive rights to its technology as an incentive to invest in product development. Patent protection also helps UC startup companies with technology rights attract funding and commercial partners.

Available UC technologies

Non-confidential descriptions of UC technologies available for licensing.

Intellectual property

Research Policy Analysis & Coordination

Policies and guidance relevant to technology commercialization efforts on UC campuses and LBNL.

IP Managers/Contracts & Grants Officers

Systemwide meetings to share best practices and to promote staff interchange of expertise.