The UC QuickStart program allows a UC site, including all ten campuses and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, to streamline the initial agreement between the UC site and a start-up company that is interested in licensing certain UC intellectual property as the technical foundation of its business.

Often, the founders of a new company wish to explore the feasibility of establishing a new technology-based business but need some time to conduct activities such as completing initial business planning, due diligence on the intellectual property, securing appropriate funding, hiring key personnel, or concluding negotiations with the owners of the intellectual property that will be the technical foundation of the startup. The founders wish to obtain exclusive negotiation rights so that they can assure themselves that the licensing opportunity will still be available after they expend the time and resources to conduct those types of activities.  

The QuickStart Agreement is a low-cost, preapproved agreement that UC and a startup can quickly execute without change so the start-up can focus on its company-building activities.  

Agreement Template DOC

The agreement is intended to be standardized, low-cost, and pre-approved. If no changes are made besides entering details of the specific technology, this template can be used without securing additional approval from the UC Office of General Counsel.

Frequently Asked Questions PDF

These FAQs address general questions about UC QuickStart.

Available Technologies

This link goes to non-confidential descriptions of UC technologies available for licensing; however, per the QuickStart FAQ, not all UC technologies are available under the QuickStart program.