Chapter 1-100: The Board of Regents

1-110 Regents' Committee on Educational Policy

Section 24.3 of the Bylaws of The Regents of the University of California lists eight Standing Committees of the Board: Academic and Student Affairs, Compliance and Audit, Finance and Capital Strategies, Governance, Health Services, Investments, Public Engagement and Development, and National Laboratories.

Section 12.2 of the Bylaws establishes the responsibilities of the Committee on Educational Policy. The Committee's duties relevant to contracts and grants are as follows:

* * *

(c) Consider and report to the Board on matters relating to the research, training, and public service activities of the University and recommend to the Board the establishment or disestablishment of colleges, schools, and graduate divisions organized research units and other major research activities, special training programs, and public service undertakings, except for matters assigned to the Committee on Oversight of the Department of Energy Laboratories.

(d) Consider and recommend to the Board on the solicitation and acceptance or execution of grants and contracts for research, training, and public service, except as otherwise provided in the Bylaws and Standing Orders, provided, however, that all actions relating to research that require the appropriation of University funds not already appropriated, or that would commit the University to an appropriation of its funds, shall be subject to approval by the Committee on Finance.

* * *

(f) Consider and recommend to the Board policies relating to organized efforts to solicit grants, pledges, and gifts for any University purpose from multiple sources such as individuals, firms, corporations, foundations, groups, and/or organizations.