Chapter 1-600: Policy on Faculty Conduct

The University’s Faculty Code of Conduct is published in the Academic Personnel Manual, APM-015. The Code addresses the “Professional Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct of University Faculty, and University Disciplinary Procedures.” The purpose of this Code is to “protect academic freedom, to help preserve the highest standards of teaching and scholarship, and to advance the mission of the University as an institution of higher learning.”

The Faculty Code of Conduct is divided into three parts. Part I, entitled Professional Rights of Faculty, sets forth the “responsibility of the University to maintain conditions and rights supportive of the faculty’s pursuit of the University’s central functions.” Part II, Professional Responsibilities, Ethical Principles, and Unacceptable Faculty Conduct, provides a “listing of faculty responsibilities, ethical principles, and types of unacceptable behavior.” Part III, entitled Enforcement and Sanctions, addressed “the enforcement process applicable to unacceptable faculty behavior.”

APM-016, University Policy on Faculty Conduct and the Administration of Discipline, sets forth the “University policy on faculty conduct and the administration of discipline.” Section I is the introduction and general policy. Section II sets forth the types of disciplinary sanctions which can be imposed on a faculty member. Section III describes the procedures for imposing a disciplinary sanction.

These policies are accepted as Regent Policy in the Regents Policy 7401: The Faculty Code of Conduct and the Policy on Faculty Conduct and the Administration of Discipline. They are also incorporated in the Manual of the Systemwide Academic Senate as Appendix IV.