UC Tech Awards Program - 2022

Deadline – May 30, 2022

The UC Tech Awards Program celebrates the achievements of UC individuals or teams in designing, implementing, operating, or supporting high-impact technology initiatives. It promotes an inclusive UC Tech community by recognizing the technology contributions of people from all areas of expertise, including IT, research, academia, and business.

The program is sponsored by the UC Information Technology Leadership Council (ITLC), and the awards are selected by a committee of UC location chief information officers. The awards provide universitywide recognition for technology efforts that advance the university's mission of teaching, research, public service, and patient care; and/or improve the effectiveness of academic processes or business operations.

The annual call for submissions generally is announced in February/March with a submission deadline in May. The committee meets by early July and awards are presented at the annual UC Tech Conference.

The UC Tech Awards Program includes awards for projects and awards for individuals or teams. The program encompasses the following:

  • Sautter Award for Innovation in Information Technology (projects)
  • Awards for collaboration, IT security, operational efficiency, and design (individuals or teams)
  • Lifetime impact award (individual)


Faculty and staff members in any department at the ten UC campuses, six health systems, UC Office of the President (UCOP), Agriculture and Natural Resources, Hastings College of the Law, and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory are eligible to submit applications.

  • Individuals/teams from any area (including technology, research, academic, and business support units) are eligible to apply
  • Cross-location and cross-functional teams are encouraged to apply
  • Individuals/teams may make multiple submissions

Project Awards

These awards recognize innovative projects.

  • Sautter Award for Innovation in Information Technology. The award is given to a team for having implemented an innovative technology project that has had significant beneficial impact on UC’s academic/research mission, student life, business operations, patient care, or public service mission. Innovation is defined as the new application of technology, the creative use of limited resources, or an emphasis on collaboration to solve a problem.
    • No limit on the number of submissions from an individual or team as long as they are for different projects
    • Components of large projects should be incorporated into a single submission for the large project, rather than submitted as multiple projects.
    • Projects must be operational and have been implemented within the last three calendar years.

Individual or Team Recognition Awards

These awards are given to individuals or teams in recognition of significant contributions in priority areas for the ITLC. Individuals or teams may self-nominate or may be nominated by others.

  • IT Security Award:The award is given to an individual or team that advanced IT security at UC through awareness and training, policy, technical controls, and/or IT security hygiene. Projects that intersect with legal, privacy, and compliance are eligible.
  • UC Collaboration Award: The award is given to an individual or team that conducted a strong collaborative technology initiative across two or more UC locations, across a UC campus and UC health system, and/or with other UC partners.
  • Operational Excellence Award: The award is given to an individual or team that transformed a business process (via reliability, speed, scale, efficiency, and/or effectiveness), whether through business process design, automation, customer service, digital transformation, or another initiative.
  • Design Award: The award is given to an individual or team that transformed one or more touch points through the application of various design disciplines (e.g. visual design, interaction design, user experience (UX) design, customer experience (CX) design and/or industrial design) to improve usability and/or create a more elegant experience for everyone, including people with disabilities.
  • Lifetime Impact Award: One award each year recognizes an individual who, over time, has contributed significant expertise, passion, and commitment to UC as evidenced by a portfolio of work supporting the technology arena.

Selection Criteria and Committee

The UC Tech Awards Program selection committee is composed of four members of the ITLC on a rotating basis, as well as an ITLC member from the UC Office of the President. The selection committee determines the award winners on the basis of submitted materials and in accordance with the published selection criteria. The names of committee members are listed on the program website after the selections have been announced each year.

The selection committee assesses submissions along the following criteria:

  • Complexity: How complex was the problem(s) addressed?
  • Impact: How impactful was the work – number of individuals impacted, and/or depth of impact?
  • Mission alignment: Does the work advance the UC mission or key values of access, affordability, and excellence?
  • Innovation (for Sautter Awards only): How innovative was the work (e.g. new technology, use of limited resources, collaboration)?

Application Procedure

The deadline for submission of applications is May 30, 2022, by 5:00 p.m.

To apply, please provide all requested information (see below) in an accessible Word document or accessible PDF document (including alt text for images) via the UC Tech Awards Submission Form.

  • Submit one form for each Sautter Award submission.
  • Submit one form for each Recognition Award submission – you may check one or more recognition award categories.

If you have questions, contact Yvonne.Tevis@ucop.edu.

Submission documents should be succinct, use plain English, be no more than two pages, and include the following information:

  1. Submitter’s name, title, and email
  2. All UC locations represented in the award submission
  3. Specified award category(ies)
  4. For Sautter Awards:
    • Name of project being proposed for an award
    • Names of project leader(s) and team members
    • A summary (one to three sentences)
    • A project narrative that:
      • Describes the problem that was addressed and the project goals
      • Incorporates how the project meets the selection criteria
      • Describes the impact on customers/users or the university
      • Explains why the project was innovative and how success was measured
      • Provides the timeframe of deployment
      • Emphasizes the story behind the project, rather than technical detail
  5. For Recognition Awards:
    • Name(s) of individual(s) being nominated for an award
    • A project narrative that:
      • Describes the initiative(s) or portfolio of work that support the nomination
      • Incorporates how the selection criteria are met
      • Describes the individual’s or team’s contributions and why they deserve the award
      • Tells the story of the contributions in a compelling way

Announcement of Awards

Awards are presented at the annual UC Tech Conference and announced the same day via press release to the UC locations.

  • Up to one Golden Award and one Silver Award is given for the Sautter Award, IT Security Award, UC Collaboration Award, Operational Excellence Award, and Design Award.
  • Up to one Lifetime Impact Award is selected.

All award applications are posted on the UC Tech Awards Program website after the award announcement each year to encourage the exchange of information, ideas, and solutions.