UC Tech Engagement Committee

The UC Tech Engagement Committee is a systemwide working group reporting to the CIO Council. Its membership is composed of one or more representatives from each UC location and a CIO Council liaison.

The UC Tech Engagement Committee seeks to connect, strengthen, and grow the systemwide UC Tech community. This community comprises people across the University of California who serve as technology specialists, support a technology function, or have a passion for using data, technology, and design.

The UC Tech Engagement Committee promotes and advises on various activities that encourage a vibrant workplace culture, enhance communication and information exchange, support professional development and career growth, foster collaboration across locations, and recognize the contributions of community members. The committee seeks to uphold principles of diversity, inclusion, and respectful communication in its work.

The committee’s annual goals include initiatives in the following areas:

  • Information Sharing – Connecting the community to relevant and timely information.
  • Professional Growth – Promoting access to professional development, learning, and mentorship.
  • Community Building – Cultivating community through face-to-face events, communities of practice, specialized engagements; by encouraging diversity of viewpoints and experience; and by celebrating and recognizing staff achievements and contributions.


  • UC Berkeley – Casey Hennig (co-chair)
  • UCLA – Matthew Geddert, (incoming); Anna Ahearn (outgoing)
  • UCLA Health – Yael Berkovich
  • UC Davis - Iris Chelaru
  • UC Merced – Christy Snyder
  • UC Riverside – Alexandra Chrystal
  • UC San Diego – Mojgan Amini
  • UC San Diego Health – Melinda Battenberg
  • UC Santa Barbara - Elise Meyer
  • UC Santa Cruz – Lisa Bono
  • UC Office of the President – Kristin Cordova (co-chair) and Laurel Skurko