Location Admin Guide

UC has one central Siteimprove account. The account is managed by a systemwide implementation team to support consistent use of Siteimprove across the system, encourage collaboration and information sharing, and enable systemwide views of accessibility.

Each UC location has one or more location administrators who are responsible for managing Siteimprove implementation and for helping location users, who are the individuals who receive reports about their sites and make accessibility fixes. Location administrators should review the information below about their responsibilities. An FAQ for admins is available as well.

Location admins are responsible for

  • Assigning location users – after the user has logged-in to Siteimprove and set up an account. To “assign users” means to associate the appropriate (a) location tag, (b) role, and (c) site access with the user.
  • Adding websites to be scanned at the request of location users, naming and tagging the site appropriately, and then informing the user when the first scan has been completed.
  • Strictly following the UC naming and tagging protocol for users and sites. This means creating site names, and appropriately tagging the user and the site so that filters may be used effectively.
  • Going to https://status.siteimprove.com and subscribing to the Siteimprove system updates.
  • Directing users to appropriate help articles or support as needed, and fielding any user questions as necessary.
  • Contacting Siteimprove support if any issues are discovered with the scans, or if any configuration changes need to be made.
  • Not requesting reports for other locations, unless it is for a jointly maintained website.

Adding Users and Websites

  • Watch the Siteimprove Admin Training video
  • When adding a site, accept the default (Content) under Products. Do not check Analytics unless your location is paying separately for it.
  • User role tagging: Assign new users the correct role (either location administrator, location user, or location analyst) and the correct location prefix tag, per the list below.
  • Site naming and tagging protocol: Because the list of all UC sites is visible to all location administrators, it is essential for location admins to easily filter the list by their location.
    • Follow the protocol to (a) name the site and (b) tag the site, using the location prefix tags in the list below.

Site Naming Protocol

“Location Prefix – Site Name”

e.g., “Berkeley – College of Engineering,” or

“SB – Summer Sessions”

Site Tagging Protocol

“Location Prefix”

e.g., “LA,” or “Irvine”

For a large site with at least 10 websites underneath them, you can add a 2nd location collection tag.

“Location Prefix – Collection Name”

e.g., “LA” and “LA – External Affairs”

Location Prefix Tags

(Use only these location prefixes, do not create other abbreviations.)

  • ANR
  • Berkeley
  • Davis
  • Hastings
  • Irvine
  • LA
  • Merced
  • OP
  • Riverside
  • SB
  • SC
  • SD
  • SF


A lot of information is available under the Help tab.

You may submit tickets to support@siteimprove.com.