Captioning tools


  • Camtasia (commercial): This recording software creates video and audio recordings and also creates captioning using speech-to-text capabilities. It works best with recordings made with Camtasia; imported media results in less useable data. See the tutorial for extracting the audio from a video file to MP3 format.
  • Captionate (commercial): The Manitu Group offers this low-cost tool, which allows you to embed captions in Flash Video files (.flv). You can request a free 10-day demo version. You will need to use a caption-enabled Flash Video player (.swf) in order to display the caption text on a web page.
  • Express Scribe (free): This free audio player can assist in the manual creation of transcripts. See the tutorial for using Express Scribe.
  • MAGpie 2 (free): The National Center for Accessible Media (NCAM) offers this Java-based captioning tool, which allows you to add captions to QuickTime, Real Media, and Windows Media Player video formats.