Workflow steps

Workflow was implemented in Cascade as a review process to help ensure that, per the UC IT Accessibility Policy and consistent with federal law, content published to the UCOP website is accessible to people with disabilities.

With workflow, an accessibility review team will conduct a quick and basic accessibility check of the page. The page will be published if the content passes or returned with suggestions for correction for accessibility. For more information, please see the guides for Quick checks: Web page accessibility and Quick checks: PDF accessibility.

List of workflow steps and topics.

1 - Submit page to workflow

In the Cascade workflow, after the content editor makes changes and selects Submit and Finish, a workflow is started.

Select Submit. Enter comments on the changes and select Check Content & Submit.

Submit workflow

Select the finish button after the Spell Check and Accessibility check completes.

Check content and finish

Enter comments to the reviewer about the page and content changes. Update the due date if necessary. (The due date field defaults to one week.) Select Start Workflow.

Enter comments and due date on workflow

The reviewers receive an email from the Cascade system.

Workflow email

2 - Workflow in review

The workflow is now in review.

Workflow in review

The current step owner of the workflow (editor or reviewer) will receive an email if a workflow is past due.  Workflow is past due email

The reviewer reviews the page against the accessibility quick checks for pages and PDFs.

Page in Cascade to review

The reviewer can take actions on the workflow.

Workflow reviewer available actions

The reviewer can take one of the following actions:

  • Publish to live site
  • Edit by reviewer (Notifies editor)
  • Send back for changes
  • Delete

3 - Workflow outcomes

3A - Publish to live site

If the content passes the accessibility quick checks, the reviewer can publish the page to the live site. The editor will receive an email that the workflow has completed.

Workflow publish email

3B - Edit by reviewer

The reviewer can make quick edits to the page to help correct accessibility errors. The reviewer can make the changes and send the workflow back to the editor to review the changes.

Reviewer edits page

3C - Send back for changes

The reviewer can send the page back to editor with suggestions for correction for accessibility.

Workflow send back

3D - Delete

Delete is rarely used. Delete ignores the content changes and reverts the page to what was previously published.

Workflow deleted and complete email

Urgent requests

Workflows are typically approved in 1-2 business days. If you have an urgent, business-critical request, please contact Michael Aires, Web Editor, at

Major content updates / new sites

Please contact Cascade Help for major content updates or for setting up new sites.

Deleting pages / assets

Add a comment in workflow when you need to delete a page or asset. (Workflow does not indicate delete actions. Please mention the word Delete in the workflow comments.)

(Or please contact Cascade Help if you need to bulk delete a bunch of pages, files, and assets.)

Comment for DELETE in workflow comments


Blocks in Cascade do need to go through workflow. Submit blocks to be approved before adding to your page.

Blocks in Cascade 

Publishing to QA

For teams that need to publish to QA for internal review and approval, with the workflow process publishing to QA happens when you submit the workflow using the "Start Workflow" button. You can then point others to the page address in QA at (Note: You need to be logged in to VPN to view content in QA.)

Start Workflow

After the Submit step, on the Start Workflow screen enter comments to the reviewer that you want to submit to QA and to return the workflow to you until you are ready to publish. (The reviewer will check the page against the accessibility quick checks and send back the workflow. When you are ready to publish, advance the workflow to the reviewer and indicate in the comments that you are now ready to publish.) 

Workflow after submit - Start workflow step 

Publishing with workflow diagram

Publishing to QA occurs with the "Start Workflow" button, which simultaneously submits to workflow and publishes to QA. The workflow is then in review. The reviewers can return the workflow to you until you are ready to publish. Advance the workflow to the reviewer when you are done with QA and ready to publish.

Publishing with workflow