Workspace Management

The Workspace Management team is responsible for providing a productive workspace for all staff. 

Our responsibilities include:

  • Conduct strategic workspace programming and planning
  • Manage furniture acquisition and modification
  • Implement room or workspace modifications, as needed
  • Manage department and individual moves
  • Consult on interior design

If you require support in these areas, please submit a request through iRequest via your department’s designated iRequest user. Please check with your supervisor to find out the designated iRequest user for your department.

Strategic Workspace Programming and Planning

The following space management goals and principles are central to our work and provide a consistent framework to manage and allocate UCOP space effectively and plan for future space needs:

  • Functionality – Provide space that meets defined functional requirements, facilitates productivity, and maintains the quality of the work environment
  • Equity – Ensure space is planned, managed and allocated equitably across UCOP divisions and departments
  • Consistency – Ensure UCOP uses practices that are easily identifiable, user friendly, and fair to all parties
  • Efficiency – Ensure space is used to the greatest extent possible and the need for outside leases is minimized
  • Flexibility – Ensure UCOP meets its current and future space needs, and plans for them accordingly, as well as maintains standards that allow for easy modifications to space and relocation of staff
  • Cost-Effectiveness – Ensure UCOP manages space in a manner that is fiscally responsible and consistent with its fiduciary goals and commitment to its stakeholders
  • Proximity – Maximize the UCOP’s ability to facilitate coordination of the university’s business
  • Sustainability – Support the University of California’s sustainability goals (including green building design, clean energy and sustainable transportation.)
  • Health and Wellness – Create a healthy workspace that promotes well-being

Space Standards and Exceptions Policy – Very limited exceptions to these principles are allowed. You can find more information and a Space Assignment and Allocation Rubric in the Space Assignment Exception Request Instructions. These criteria will be applied in evaluating all space requests. Exceptions to the policy must be approved by the requester’s department head, division head and the director of Building and Administrative Services.  Please use the Space Assignment Exception Request Form to submit your request to the Work Management Center after you have secured the necessary departmental approval.

Space Management Standards

UCOP and BASC have developed a set of space management standards that should be implemented when designing a workspace. Please find an overview of these standards below. For information on standards related to design and construction, please visit Building Standards.

  • The 5 Principles of UCOP Space Management are used to achieve the most efficient use of space at UCOP and include: provide space that better supports the work; achieve significant cost savings; minimize future space management issues; create a community at work; and be environmentally responsible. 
  • The Space Allocations Guidelines contain information on the factors that influence how building administration allocates workspaces to departments, such as critical working adjacencies, individual accessibility needs, and security of sensitive information. The building administration does not set standards regarding decisions such as corner, window, or interior office allocation. These decisions are based on current availability and left to the discretion of the department. 

Furniture and Workspace Management

Every UCOP office and workspace is allocated a standard amount of space and equipped with a standard set of furnishings.  Furnishings include an adjustable sit-stand desk, ergonomic office chair, and storage unit(s).  The layouts and options for workspaces can be found in the Standard Office Layouts (pdf) document.

BASC and IT Client Services (ITCS) will supply the standard furniture and set up IT equipment for each office or workspace.  If you require additional equipment or technical support, contact ITCS. For workspace and ergonomic concerns, contact the UCOP ergonomics coordinator.

Department and Individual Moves

If you are moving, follow the Employee Move Procedure. For larger moves of more than three people, contact Workspace Management directly.