Environmental Health

Occupational Health and Safety

UCOP follows guidance and standards set by Risk Serviceswhich are established to preserve the health and safety of staff and visitors. BASC supports these efforts in areas such as injury and illness prevention; fire prevention and protection; contractor and visitor safety; electrical safety; and equipment safety.


UCOP’s Human Resources department manages our Ergonomics programs, which support employee safety while they efficiently and comfortably interact with their work environments.

Business Continuity Planning

UCOP uses the Systemwide UC Ready framework, which promotes collaboration between faculty and staff to increase the university’s resilience in the face of disruptive events. Dedicated planners work to improve the ability to continue the university’s mission of teaching, research, public service and patient care and to return to normal performance as quickly as possible in the event of any disruptive event. An important aspect of this work is the development of continuity plans for the university as a whole, as well as for select departments that contain information and strategies needed during a recovery process.