Systemwide Environment, Health & Safety

The Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) team in the Office of Risk Services (OPRS) provides strategic guidance, leadership, and systemwide coordination of resources to advance the University of California’s environment, health and safety goals of preventing all workplace injuries and illnesses, environmental incidents, and property losses or damage.   Achieving this goal is the responsibility of every member of the University community.

OPRS EHS enables the research and educational processes by providing systemwide oversight, training and consultation, facilitating loss prevention programs, and providing a framework for workplace hazard analysis and control.  Each UC Campus, Health System, and National Laboratory EHS office supports the University mission by providing comprehensive environmental protection, occupational health, and industrial safety expertise to their local communities.

This page concerns EHS programs at the UC system level. For EHS programs specific to the Office of the President, see UCOP Local Risk and Safety Resources.