Shop Safety Manual


Welcome to the University of California Shop Safety Manual - a resource to assist you in developing a comprehensive shop safety program. This handbook contains essential safety information that you need for working in a shop.

Why is safety important?
Following safety procedures is one of the most effective ways to prevent workplace injuries. Working safely also protects the tools that you use and your facility from damage. Safe operations foster a productive and healthy working environment.

Environment, Health and Safety's (EHS) Role
EHS recognizes that you are an expert at your job and our role is to ensure that you have what you need to do your job safely. Hazards are not always obvious and serious injuries and accidents can happen from not working safely.

EHS partners with shops to develop and recommend preventive solutions to help everyone work safely. Think of this collection of safety measures as tools that go into your safety toolbox. Your tools include safety controls, good work practices, and training. Fill your toolbox with the safety precautions, job aids, and training resources discussed in this manual.
This manual covers shop safety specifics, such as guarding requirements for machines and proper lifting techniques. Always ask your supervisor or an EHS Specialist for clarification if you do not understand something, because understanding safety concepts is necessary for putting them into practice. Safety begins with you and is everyone's responsibility.
Access EHS contact information via your local campus website if you have any safety concerns.