Employee Move Procedures

The Work Management Center supports individual and small group workspace relocations. Use the following instructions to guide you through the move process:
  1. For an individual move, obtain department approval and submit an iRequest to the Work Management Center that includes current location, new location you are moving to, desired move date (allow at least five working days), and the number of moving boxes needed. Boxes will be delivered within three business days.
  2. Survey your current space and purge or archive files.
  3. Recycle bins are available for your use.
    • Floors in the Franklin-Broadway Campus each have two locations containing shredder bins at the mail drop-off sites.
    • Recycling bins are used for non-confidential materials.
    • Additional shredder bins can be requested via iRequest (cost may vary due to size). When the bins are full, a comment can be noted to your iRequest to pick up, empty and return the bin, if necessary.
  4. Refer to the Records Storage & Document Shredding page for more information on off-site storage and how to prepare your boxes. Note: Please do not use Corovan move boxes for archive materials.
  5. If you have a lot of items to pack, consider packing up material not used daily early.
  6. Label every item and box to be moved. Items without labels will not be moved. Please label your chair, garbage can, chair mat, foot rest, and other items that will not fit in a box.
  7. Label Preparation:
    • Write large and legibly.
    • Write your name and new location on each label, and place the label on your box where it notes “Place Label Here.”
    • If you wish to label a box with its contents, please use a separate label or piece of paper. Do not write directly on the box so boxes can be reused.
    • Personal items can be moved by the movers, but anything sentimental or valuable should be moved by you.
  8. The following equipment will be disconnected, packed up and moved by the mover. Leave your equipment on your desk as if it is a regular work day.
    • Desktop PC, Docking Station, Computer Monitor(s), Keyboard, Mouse, External Drives and other peripherals, PLEASE SHUT DOWN YOUR COMPUTER AND LEAVE ALL CABLES CONNECTED.
    • Phone Headsets: The headset earpiece and charging base should be left on the desk with all cables connected to phone and/or computer.
    • The movers will disconnect and reconnect your computer, Jabber, desk phone (if any) and other items so that when you return, your set up is the same as before.
    • After the move, IT Client Services and Network staff will check the connections so you are able to return to work more quickly.
  9. You will be provided a separate box for loose headsets, computer accessories and peripherals that are not connected to your phone and/or computer. Attached your label to the box. Add the word “EQUIPMENT” on the label so the mover can find these items.
  10. Empty and pack up all contents of lateral files, bookcases, pedestals and storage cabinets. They must be empty before moving. If you have non-standard storage units, which you no longer want or want moved to your new location, it has to be empty before moving.