Records Storage & Document Shredding

BASC provides all UCOP staff with document storage and shredding services. Depending on your records retention needs we can safely dispose of documents or place them either in long- or short-term storage. Staff should refer to the UCOP Records Management Policies (RMP) to ensure they are following appropriate procedure.   Please note that documents can also be scanned and stored virtually as part of the Building Consolidation Records Project.

Storing Records

To store records, submit an iRequest indicating department location and number of boxes. The Mail Services will coordinate with your department to arrange logistics and have Mail Services schedule a pick-up, typically within two business days.

  • On-site Storage: The Franklin-Broadway campus offers limited temporary storage of boxed records that require frequent access and need to be retained for business purposes for 12 months or less.
  • Off-site Storage: BASC manages the storage of records that must be retained for business purposes, but do not require frequent access.  These records are subject to off-site storage charges. Departments should consider scanning records as part of the Building Consolidation Records Project as an alternative to off-site storage.

Records must be packed in standard “banker boxes” measuring approximately 10” (H) x 12” (W) x 15” (D) to be stored.  Records packed in moving boxes or copier-paper boxes that do not meet this size criteria will not be accepted.

All stored records are assigned a destroy by date and each box will be assigned a barcode. Departments are responsible for maintaining inventories of their boxes in storage, knowing the contents and destruction date of each box, and acting accordingly.

Retrieving Records From Storage

To retrieve records, submit an iRequest indicating the barcode numbers of the requested boxes and where you would like them delivered. Records can usually be retrieved by the end of the following day if the Work Management Center receives the request by 3 p.m.

Document Shredding

UCOP Mail Services offers document shredding services for UCOP departments. Reasonable quantities of materials are shredded free of charge.

Mail Services provides at least one 64-gallon shredder bin on every floor for everyone's use. Floors in the Franklin-Broadway Campus each have two locations containing shredder bins at the Printer rooms location.

  • Do not put binders, binder clips or wired spiral spines in the shredder bins.
  • Contact Mail Services if you notice a bin is completely full.
  • Departments may request one additional bin on a temporary basis.

A bonded company with which Mail Services has contracted will pick up the bin when full, shred it and return a certificate of destruction to Mail Services.  Learn more about the company and the shredding process here.

Mail Services is only responsible for shredder bins that it provides. If your department has separate arrangements for shredder bins or services, that department is responsible for those arrangements.