Building Consolidation Records Project

When UCOP consolidates offices into a single campus in 2020, the new building configurations will not provide space for paper records storage. This presents a great opportunity for departments to review current paper-based work processes and shift to more efficient, electronic records processes.

The objective of the Building Consolidation Records Project is to reduce UCOP’s paper footprint.

  1. Our first action is to purge - dispose of obsolete non-records and records with retention periods that have lapsed (and have no records holds associated with them).
  2. Next, inactive records that need to be kept will be inventoried, boxed up, and sent off-site. Records Management has TOPS employees to assist you with this, at no cost to departments!
  3. Any remaining active records - documents that are frequently referred to - are candidates for scanning.

Records Management has resources to help you! Contact or 7-0399. We provide

  • Consultation services to help you assess and sort your records
  • Off-site storage facilities at no cost to the department (Iron Mountain)
  • TOPS employees to box up, inventory, and ship paper records to off-site storage
  • An online inventory tool for managing the records you store off-site (POST)
  • A contract and funding for scanning services
  • Decision-making tools to help you. On the right, see the group titled Building Consolidation Records Resources.

Off-site Storage

UCOP has a contract with Iron Mountain for storing paper records off-site. Records that should be stored off-site are those that are not referred to regularly but cannot yet be destroyed, per the UC Records Retention Schedule, and/or records that should be kept permanently. It is always much cheaper to store these types of records off-site than to scan them.

Off-site storage is efficient as well. You can call back records and have them on site, if you need them, within one day. Records will never be destroyed without confirmation by the record owner. The storage facility is secure, confidential, and clean.

Project Overview

The Building Consolidation Records Project (BCRP) is a project overseen by Records Management and Building & Administrative Service Center (BASC). The project is utilizing the expertise of the Records Management team and consultants to

  1. Conduct an assessment of departmental records management needs, including existing records systems, solutions, and standards,
  2. Develop and implement a strategy for records disposition, offsite storage, or mass file digitization of existing departmental records for completion in 2020, and
  3. Make a recommendation for UCOP to consider, if necessary, reconfiguring an existing electronic document management system (EDMS) or file storage solution - or identifying, acquiring, and implementing a new solution - to serve the needs of most UCOP departments.

The project launched in fall 2018, when consultants Montaña & Associates (M&A) evaluated departments’ individual records needs. Records Management now is using the results of M&A’s report to help units get prepared for the move. The consultants’ report is available to UCOP employees on Box.