Videos / PSAs

UC has contracted with MOB Media to produce a series of public service announcements (PSA’s) and training videos to educate the UC community on mental health topics and to help reduce stigma associated with help seeking. While below you will only see one copy of each video, each of our videos are customized for all 10 of our UC campuses. UC professionals can e-mail your campus contact to receive your customized video.

We invite our non-UC mental health partners to download our work through YouTube and utilize the videos for educational purposes with your population. With technical support, you will be able to remove our campus contact information and replace it with contact information appropriate for your needs. 

Check back soon, as additional PSA’s and training videos will be posted here as they are completed. 

Suicide Awareness PSA

The majority of suicides are preceded by warning signs. Know the signs, ask the tough questions and find help. You can help save a life!

Veteran’s Mental Health Awareness PSA

This video was made possible with footage courtesy of The Jed Foundation and MTVu. 

Break-Ups PSA 

You are not alone. Learn healthy ways to cope with break-ups. This video was made possible with footage courtesy of The Jed Foundation and MTVu. 

Eating Disorder Awareness PSA 

Eating Disorders are serious mental illnesses, but also have high recovery success rates. Be encouraged to seek help!

Stress Management PSA 

Everyone deals with stress! Learn helpful ways to manage your stress and don't be afraid to seek help if it becomes too much. 

Stigma PSA 

There is nothing wrong with asking for help. We all struggle and need support.  Don’t be afraid to find your support system. 

Love is Louder PSA 

As members of the UC Family, we pledge to welcome diversity, enhance equality and promote inclusion because love is louder. 

Bystander PSA 

There is a good chance you will be in a situation in the future where you can help. Protect each other, lookout for one another, and make our campus a better place.