Suicide Prevention

If you are currently with someone who has expressed suicidal ideation or if you are thinking of taking your own life, please reach out for help by calling the 24 hour Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800 273(TALK). If you are a UC student or employee, contact your campus Counseling Center and request an “urgent” appointment. 

There is always hope and the University of California is working to reduce disparities and promote wellness in effort to decrease the number of suicides, which constitute the second leading cause of death for college students. In addition to the crisis services that are always available on our campuses, we actively reach out to vulnerable populations (students who are unlikely to seek out support services on their own) through a host of programs and training initiatives.

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Prevention Programs

One of our most innovative programs is the online stress and depression Interactive Screening Program (ISP) that allows students to communicate anonymously with campus psychologists. Click programs to learn more. You will also find information about our campus-based mental health fairs which offer on the spot depression screenings. 

Evidence-Based Training

We are working to ensure that those in leadership positions (faculty/staff, graduate research/teaching assistants, peer leaders, etc.) are trained to recognize and respond to the early warning signs of depression, which is the most common mental health diagnosis of those who die by suicide. Click evidence-based training to learn about some of our evidenced-based suicide prevention training models.

Awareness Campaigns

We have launched a series of awareness campaigns to reduce stigma and discrimination for those living with mental illness and to reduce the shame often associated with seeking help for mental health challenges. These campaigns will aid in our efforts to create campus climates that are inclusive of the rich diversity that is the University of California. Click awareness campaigns to view our featured campaigns.