Student Training

UC Santa Barbara

The University of California system is dedicated to wellness training and is committed to creating an atmosphere where all aspects of diversity are recognized and celebrated. We invite you to explore a selection of our most promising student mental health training opportunities. *Check back frequently as new programs are highlighted each quarter (updated 9/2013).

BEFORE YOU BEGIN… The attached PowerPoint presentation “Approaching Outreach from a Social Justice Perspective” is provided as a guideline for you to consider the diverse needs of your population when it comes to mental health promotion. In this presentation, UC Merced is used as an example of how a particular university may consider student demographics and campus culture in designing outreach that is relevant and accessible to their population. Please take a moment to review these recommendations before proceeding.

All Campuses

Suicide Prevention Training
UC offers several training opportunities for student leaders who are recognized as the gatekeepers for our community. Learn more about these opportunities

UC Davis

Balancing Law School and Life: Stress Management Tips
This presentation is targeted to law students and helps them understand the physical and cognitive effects of stress.  The presentation provides explanation for the importance of reducing stress in one’s life and gives several coping strategies to effectively accomplish this goal. See the attached PowerPoint for more details.

Law School Balancing Act [PDF]

UC Los Angeles

Reflections at UCLA is designed to help undergraduate women establish and maintain a positive body image. Using highly interactive, peer-led, small groups, the program is a two-day intervention program designed by experts and implemented through trained peer leaders on college campuses throughout North America. As the first peer-led, evidence-based eating disorders prevention program shown to truly work, Reflections does not focus on eating disorders; rather, it emphasizes creating and reaffirming positive and healthy personal body image through a variety of structured discussions, activities, and exercises. Reflections has been thriving at UCLA since 2009. Learn more about the program here Reflections

UC Merced

How to Help a Friend: Assisting Students in Emotional Distress
This program focuses on how to identify students who may be in emotional distress (including those with suicidal ideation), how to approach and interact with these students, and how to make a referral for mental health treatment. Open the PowerPoint below to view the complete presentation.  
How to help a friend [PDF]

UC San Francisco

Are You Burned Out?
UCSF offers this workshop for graduate and professional students to teach them how to cope with professional burnout. Discussion following the presentation includes recognizing patterns that lead to burnout and identifying strategies to avoid professional burnout. Open the PowerPoint below to view the complete presentation. A survey to evaluate the training is also attached for your convenience.

Are You Burned Out? [PDF]
Are You Burned Out? Survey [PDF]

UC Santa Cruz

RA Crisis Response Trainings
Counseling and Psychological Services at UCSC provide all Residential Assistants (RAs) with Crisis Response Trainings on a yearly basis. The trainings focus on: 1) how to identify a crisis, 2) determine the seriousness of the crisis, 3) develop basic skills/procedures for responding to students in crisis,  4) be familiar with crisis resources they can consult or refer students to on-campus and in the community, 5) identify methods of self-care to prevent burnout and manage vicarious trauma. View the training manual and supporting materials below for additional information.

RA Crisis TG Manual [PDF]
RA Training Outline for Presenters [PDF]