Mental Health Handbook

Promoting Student Mental Health: A Guide for UC Faculty and Staff

Research suggests that if we equip our faculty and staff with the education and resources to recognize and respond appropriately to students in distress, we can prevent many concerns from escalating into full blown crises and we may even be able to help save lives.

In this full-text handbook, we provide in-depth information about mental health and examine the role faculty and staff members can play in providing a supportive academic environment and assisting students who may be in distress. The guide includes examples of what to say when approaching a student, outlines common mental health concerns, explores how culture impacts wellness, explains how to make a referral or report a student of concern, offers instructional tips on how faculty and staff can avoid causing undue stress, includes an FAQ section on our privacy policies, and much much more!

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The main text is meant to be universal for all 10 UC campuses, however, we have included custom inserts with campus-specific resources and contact information below. You are encouraged to download a copy, save it to your desktop, and refer back to it as needed. Contact you campus Counseling Center if you would like to request a hard copy.

Community Partners, you are welcomed to duplicate this resource for educational purposes.  

Promoting Student Mental Health: A Guide for UC Faculty and Staff