Peer Programs

Peer leaders may be our most valuable resource when it comes to fighting mental health stigma and educating the campus community on how to recognize and respond to the warning signs of distress.

With more than 600 peer leaders spanning dozens of organizations, there is always someone around who can relate. View our featured peer programs and check back frequently as new programs are highlighted each quarter (updated 9/2013).

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UC Berkeley

Student-to-Student Peer Counseling (SSPC)

The Student-to-Student Peer Counseling at UCB is a group of student counselors providing free, one-on-one, confidential, walk-in and phone-in services to UC Berkeley students. The student-initiated and student-run group provides a supportive atmosphere where students can openly talk about their feelings. They help students develop their own solutions to problems or uncertainties. Additionally, they provide up-to-date, extensive referrals for students seeking professional or specialized help. Learn more here

UC Irvine

LGBTQ Mentors Program

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer (LGBTQ) Mentoring Program is a Counseling Center program offered to provide LGBTQ students a safe place to explore many issues related to sexual orientation and/or gender identity. Mentors provide support for mentees on issues including, but not limited to, the "coming out" process, negotiating academia or the professional world as an "out" LGBTQ individual, and interpersonal relationship issues. Mentors are UC Irvine students, faculty, or staff members who have worked through their own LGBTQ coming out process, and have had experience negotiating life as an LGBTQ individual.  It is this personal understanding that makes mentors particularly well suited to help others. Learn more here

UC Riverside

Healing Highlanders

The Healing Highlanders is a service-based student organization that aims to provide a nurturing and affirming environment in which students recovering from addictive disorders can interact socially while pursuing academic, personal, and professional goals. The group addresses a full spectrum of addictive disorders, including but not limited to drug and alcohol abuse, eating disorders, sex, love and belonging, gambling, pornography, and self-harm.

The Healing Highlanders at UC Riverside was founded in the Spring of 2011. In this short time, the group has made a significant impression on the UCR community and within the greater recovery community. Learn more here:

UC San Diego 

Wellness Peer Educators (WPE)

The Wellness Peer Educators (WPEs) are a small group of undergraduate students who educate fellow students about mental health and well-being, reduce stigma and spread awareness of Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) on the UCSD campus.  Workshop topics include stress and time management, relaxation training and mindfulness, healthy sleeping, healthy relationships, exercise and body image, and financial wellness.  WPEs also provide three large outreach events each year: National Depression Screening Day, Sweet Dreams: A Healthy Sleeping Event, and Stress Free Zone. Learn more here

UC Santa Barbara

Test Anxiety Program (TAP) 

Students experiencing significant test anxiety can sign-up for the Test Anxiety Program. Students meet four times (1hr each) with a peer counselor to learn behavior and anxiety management techniques for improved performance. Additionally, one-Shot Test Anxiety Management Workshops are offered upon request by these peers. These sessions can be useful for students experiencing mild to moderate anxiety before and/or during an exam. The Mental Health Peer can help the student identify causes of anxiety and help apply skills that reduce the physiological symptoms of anxiety.  Students can sign up online, provide their availability and a Mental Health Peer will contact them to schedule sessions. Learn more here: