Contracts and Grants Activity at UCOP

Contract and Grant Administration Services

The RPAC Contracts and Grants Operations Officer has the delegated authority from the UC President to submit proposals on behalf of the units within the Office of the President (UCOP) and accept/execute resulting awards for extramural support.

Outgoing Subawards

A subaward is an agreement between UCOP and an outside organization (“subrecipient”) that performs a portion of UCOP’s extramurally-funded sponsored project.

Other research-related transactions

Information on arrangements that may be related to research projects, but which are not considered extramural contracts or grant agreements.

Organizational Information

UCOP-administered contract and grant agreements

Contracts & Grants Team

RPAC contacts for UCOP-based staff applying for extramural support

University of California, Office of the President -- Integrity of Research

UCOP procedures for the assessment of research misconduct, inquiries, and investigations