Other research-related transactions

Below are descriptions of arrangements that may be related to research projects, but which are not considered extramural contracts or grant agreements.


When there is a question as to whether a private award is a gift or a grant, the award document must first be forwarded to the RPAC Contracts and Grants Operations Officer.  In accordance with the UC Policy on Classification of Gifts and Sponsored Awards (PDF), RPAC may consult with UCOP Institutional Advancement to make the determination as to whether the award is a gift or a grant. If it is determined that the award is a gift, RPAC will forward all the materials to UCOP Institutional Advancement.

Temporary personnel loan agreements

UCOP programs may occasionally require temporary personnel transfers, i.e. transfers of UCOP employees to non-UC organizations or transfers of non-UC employees to UCOP for a specified period of time.  Inter-personnel agreements are used to transfer the funding needed to cover the employee’s salaries and benefits and other related expenses from the entity seeking the services to the employer entity.  RPAC is responsible for reviewing, negotiating, and signing any agreement from a non-UC organization which provides funds to the University for a temporary employee transfer.  Temporary personnel transfers that do not involve a transfer of funds between UCOP and a non-UC organization or that transfer a UC employee temporarily or on a permanent basis between UCOP and a campus may be accomplished directly by UCOP departments without using a temporary personnel loan agreement.

The UCOP unit requesting a funds transfer to an external organization for a temporary employee must contact RPAC and forward the relevant documentation. For payments to external organizations, the UCOP unit should follow the same payment procedures as for subawards.

The UCOP department responsible for the employee who is to be transferred out, or the non-UC employee who is being transferred in has the following responsibilities:

  • Approve the purpose and general program terms under which a transfer may take place.
  • Approve leave, if necessary, for an UCOP employee in accordance with University personnel policy.
  • Select non UC employee being transferred.
  • Decide the allocation of financial responsibility between UCOP department and the non-UC organization for employee's salary, provision for merit increase, benefits, travel, relocation costs, and other expenses. The allocation will be influenced by which organization is directly benefiting from the transferred employee's work effort.
  • Provides space, support services, and any additional expenses or resources for transfers into UCOP.
  • Prepares detailed line item budget reflecting the allocation of financial responsibility agreed to with the non UC organization.
  • Review invoices and prepare check requests in cases involving payments to non UC organizations.
  • Provides correspondence, completed budget, and general terms for the proposed transfer to RPAC.

All temporary transfers of employees must be documented in a written agreement. At a minimum, an inter-personnel agreement must contain the following items:

  • Name of the external organization.
  • Name of the employee being transferred.
  • Purpose or scope of work for employee.
  • Names of contact persons/supervisors, addresses and telephone numbers for both organizations.
  • Total dollar amount to be reimbursed.
  • Start and end dates of the transfer period covered by the dollar amount.
  • Detailed budget information about what the funds will pay for.
  • Administration of leave time such as sick leave and vacations.
  • Payment schedule and invoicing/payment information including name and address of where invoices or payments are sent. University policy requires advance payments for reimbursements to the University. Checks are made out to The Regents of the University of California.
  • Termination clause.

Some organizations may want liability and/or intellectual property clauses. If the inter-personnel agreement itself does not describe what the funding is to pay for, a line item budget should be attached. Normally in this type of agreement, the budget only consists of the salaries, benefits, and indirect costs.

Use of UC facilities/resources

UCOP departments may receive requests from external organizations to use University facilities or to participate in University programs. An example would be an agreement to provide use of University computer time to an external organization.  As it can often be difficult to determine what category an agreement falls under (i.e., gift, sponsored research, business services, etc.), RPAC is available to assist in making this determination. The type of agreement determines which formal University delegation of authority is needed to accept an agreement on behalf of The Regents, where the agreement would be most appropriately handled, and what accounting and reporting requirements are needed.