Negotiator's Handbook

About the Negotiator's Handbook

The Negotiator's Handbook (NHB) is a web application containing guidance and sample language to help contracts and grants (C&G) staff negotiate challenging award agreement terms. Within the application, campuses can add campus-specific guidance for each topic. Campuses can choose whether to make campus-specific content visible only to users from that campus or to make it visible to all NHB users from all campuses.

Accessing the Handbook

The NHB is accessible only with log-in credentials, and access is restricted to central campus C&G staff. Each campus/location is authorized to determine which individuals at their location can have access.

In order to establish access, new users must complete the following steps:

  • Log in to the NHB application using your campus/location Single Sign-On credentials. This will create your user profile. You will reach an "account pending" page once you have completed this step.
  • Contact the NHB Location Access Coordinator for your campus/location. Please complete this only after logging in as described above.